Pro Tools HD Native – On your iMac, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini?

By October 8, 2012 November 7th, 2014 Audio Engineer


It seems like things are changing, and to me this is a huge deal for professional studio’s around the world…
Avid released the Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt.

(almost)Gone are the days of dishing out over 10k for that Mac Pro so you can have all the expansion ports/PCI’s to fully put together a smooth low latency professional recording Session. The “affordable” Macbook pro’s and iMacs can now handle a lot of the processing with the intel i7’s, SSD’s, 64bit systems and, RAM. But Now you can literally take Pro Tools HD system on the road with you with the new interface. It utilizes thunderbolt’s crazy throughput and PCIe card to allow data to be transfered & processed from say a HD Omni, or a HD I/O 16×16.


I think this opens a lot of doors and opportunity for engineers on the road, and studio’s in general, Pro Tools HD is now more portable and available. I’m still on PT8LE but it does give me hopes for the future as budgeting and costs is still a pretty big deal. Most all of my tracking & mixing is done in Logic Pro, and it does have it plus’s and quirks, (mainly onboard processing) but with the Native Thunderbolt coupled with Pro Tools, the processing load could be well split and taken off the CPU…. Then again I don’t have the UAD Apollo Quad (which is on my list of wants!)

With internet speeds increasing, Professional audio tools becoming more accessible, There are great things to come in the future in terms of professional audio. Where do you think of audio recording is heading?

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