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Flipside is a creative company on the rise. Based in the Cayman Islands, our consultation and services are locally accessible for those in Cayman, but not restricted to. We are able to operate remotely (thanks to technology and the internet) which allows us to work with Companies and individuals globally. We specialize in custom Animated Explainer Videos that companies can use to present and explain information, new ideas, products, goals, services, and much more.

Videos are becoming increasingly popular, useful, and efficient at effectively giving a viewer a full understanding of the content presented.  We believe they are the most effective and popular format for exhibition of information, as people become more engaged in video presentations as opposed to text, lectures, basic graphs, etc.


According to behavioral psychologist Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D,

  • Movement in peripheral vision grabs attention
    • Video online is movement, and so will automatically grab attention more than anything else on the screen.
  • Speakers and listener’s brains sync up
    • Video with voicing is going to be more powerful than just reading words on a page.
  • Video compensates (somewhat) for the asynchronous problem
    • In this regard it is the most powerful of the asynchronous media.
  • Video can convey both emotional  and factual information
  • Video has the advantage (over just reading text) of communicating social and emotional information.

The reason Flipside is unique in our approach to Animated Explainer Videos is that we’ve developed a streamlined process while giving a personal product and experience. We have fixed rates to cut out hidden costs (we’re not a big fan of surprises), unlimited revisions to ensure that our creation is a custom fit to our customer needs, and we work within a set timeline so that our services remain timely & reliable. These key differences allow for a better final product and a better experience throughout for Flipside customers.

The team works with you throughout the process, and involves you in each step in order to satisfy your goals:

  1. We take time to understand you and/or your business, and what exactly you are aiming to achieve through the creation of your video.
  2. The script is then written to organize the ideas and goals for your video into a cohesive order.
  3. Animated videos will then have a storyboard created and presented to you based on your preferences in graphics and style.
  4. Professional Voice-Overs and Royalty Free music is next.
  5. All of the parts are then pieced together, and presented to you for final revision and review.
  6. Once the video is finalized, it is a completely unique, fun, and effective tool for you and your business.

Anything is possible in an Animated Video, that’s the beauty of it.

To summarize:

Videos are engaging and refreshing for the viewer, and animation allows for an even more custom and streamlined experience. . We have the talent and expertise to put your ideas and vision into reality. We are dedicated not only to the final product being exceptional, but to the process of working with our customer being exceptional as well.

Flipside takes innovation, imagination, and technology, and we seamlessly merge these with our customer’s ideas, objectives, and goals.

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