5 Ways Explainer Videos Can Increase Productivity, Save Time & Money

Internal company training can be difficult or even a bore at times.

Let’s face it— most people don’t like being told what to do, whether it be to do something differently or being introduced to new policy or procedures in general that will change the way they operate, especially when they don’t understand the how or why.

Explainer videos are great in this area, because they have the ability to streamline this process, and even make it a fun and enjoyable experience!

1. Flexibility

These tutorial videos can cover anything from how to properly compose a company email, to how to fill out certain forms and organize files, to overviewing policies and regulations within a company. Any type of internal company training aspect you may be looking to improve, an explainer video has the creative flexibility to bring that to life!

2. Time Saver

Having a video to explain these types of things allows for you to be able to get across information to the employee that normally would be tedious and time consuming to go over individually. Or even in a group meeting, having to take whole mornings or afternoons to explain, and re-explain these things, and explain again when Mark, who was out sick, asks what was missed in the meeting the day before. Questions in general pertaining to the trainings can also be minimized due to employees having these videos on-hand to refer back to for an explanation of certain aspects of the company, policy, etc.

3. Streamline

Oh, the efficiency! Explainer videos can ease the difficulty and process of training, allowing for all employees to have all the necessary information, and all be on the same page. Having to figure out a policy or procedure by reading three plus pages of explanation and fine print is a frustrating and tedious task for employees, some will even put it aside or skim, not taking in the information the way the employer would ideally like to see. By having a animated and engaging video to give employees this information in an enjoyable way, their attention will be kept, and the content will be more readily and willingly processed and understood.

4. Money

By creating one video or a series of videos to execute or supplement internal training, you can save money for your company. No more endless stacks of papers filled with dry policy, procedure, new information and so on, that get thrown out, lost, spilled on or worse— never read! No more having to pull everyone out of the office, disrupting time that would be used making money, and no more spending your time over and over again with new recruits or re-explaining. Time is money right?

5. Easy Refresher

Having these videos on file and available for employees can help keep the company organized. They allow for easy revisiting of the information, quick brush-ups and re-explanations at the tips of employees fingers, being able to quickly pull up a video and refresh on information.

Having videos to explain aspects of a company, policy, procedure, etc., helps your employees ultimately to have concise information and clear understanding, allowing for employees to therefore do their jobs more confidently and productively.

Make the investment today and save yourself from extra unnecessary work.

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